Fireproof cable

Flexible mineral fireproof cable--BBTRQ

BBTRQ BBTRZ cable performance advantages and disadvantages: 1. The cable is flexible and easy to install; 2. Anti-overload, anti-external force;

Magnesium oxide insulated fireproof cable--BTTZ

The copper core copper sheathed magnesium oxide insulated cable is called MI cable abroad, and is referred to as mineral insulated cable or fireproof cable in China. It is a modern building wiring cable and special industry (metallurgy, chemical industry) made by special technology using high-conductivity wire as conductor, inorganic magnesium oxide as insulation, and seamless copper tube as sheath (see cable structure diagram). , oil, etc.) with cables. Due to the particularity of its material and structure, it is determined that the product has electrical properties, mechanical properties, environmental resistance and environmental protection properties that are unmatched by organic cables (plastic cables).

Fireproof cable--NG-A

Mainly include glued copper conductor, inorganic mineral insulating layer, metal sleeve isolation layer, color separation isolation layer, halogen-free filling strip, mineral fireproof layer, high flame retardant tape, low-smoke halogen-free sheath from the inside to the outside. made. Although the melting point of aluminum is only 660°C, the expanded refractory layer extruded on the outside of the aluminum tube is foamed and solidified under the attack of the flame, forming a thick barrier to block the direct injection of the flame to the aluminum tube. The integrity of the aluminum tube is preserved, and the heating temperature of the outer mica tape is reduced to below 600°C.

Flexible Metal Sheathed Fireproof Cable--YTTW

The conductor of YTTW series metal sheathed inorganic mineral insulated power cable adopts multi-strand copper stranded wire, the insulation is mechanically wrapped with high temperature resistant synthetic mica tape, the insulating layer is densely filled with alkali-free glass fiber, and the sheath is longitudinally wrapped with copper tape and then welded It is formed into a copper tube, and then corrugated by continuous rolling. For specific requirements that the metal sheath cannot be exposed, a layer of polyolefin (low smoke and halogen free) sheath can be added on the outside.

Flexible Mineral Insulated Fire Resistant Cable--BBTRZ

Large current-carrying capacity: Under the same conditions, the current-carrying capacity of BBTRZ cable is larger, and the rated current-carrying capacity of its conductor operating temperature of 90°C is basically equivalent to the current-carrying value of BBTZ cable operating temperature of 125°C, which is much higher than other cables.
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